Top Tips for Furnace Safety

September 20, 2021
Furnace Safety Tips in Marion, NC

If you have a furnace for your home’s heating source, you may be interested in knowing the top safety tips. Ensuring that a furnace stays safe and well-maintained is the best way to making sure that your home stays warm and safe during the cold months of the year.

Have Your Furnace Insected Regularly

It is essential to have your furnace inspected and cleaned out by a professional during the fall months and spring. Inspections ensure that there are no problems going into the coldest months of the year, and there are also no problems after it worked hard for a whole season.

Use Smoke Detectors

It is crucial to have a smoke detector near your furnace, so you get an alert right away if there is a problem. You should also install smoke detectors on each floor of your home.

Use Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors are essential during the colder months because there tends to be less airflow in the home. Don’t forget to test your detectors every season and change the batteries regularly.

Keep the Area Around Your Furnace Clean

The area around your furnace shouldn’t have items stored in it. This area should have no flammable items in it either. Keeping this space near your furnace clean will ensure that there isn’t a fire hazard, and your furnace will have better airflow around it.

Clean Your Furnace

It is also essential to vacuum the lint and dust that tends to accumulate around the furnace. This lint and dust can also accumulate quickly on filters. Schedule time to clean your furnace and replace the filter monthly on your smartphone so you get an alert.

Contact the Furnace Service Professionals!

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