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    AC Maintenance in Marion NCFor more than 20 years, Morris Heating & Cooling has been satisfying customers with professional AC maintenance in Marion, NC. We’re your local AC tune-up team, and we make sure homeowners can safely operate their units after a harsh winter. McDowell County gets hot quickly, so don’t wait until the first heatwave to get your unit inspected. Requesting one of our thorough tune-ups should happen toward the end of spring and before the summer heat rolls in. Our owner, William Morris, is not only a skilled technician, but he’s also an HVAC instructor who teaches other technicians.

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    AC Tune-up - Morris Heating and Cooling

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    Timely AC Tune-Up in Marion

    When you skip maintenance tasks, you end up making your air conditioner work harder than it should. Our AC tune-up will cover each area of your system. Once we’re done, we’ll turn on the system and check for optimal operation. If we find any necessary repairs or parts replacement needs, we’ll let you know. Because we’re certified technicians, we can work on all makes and models. That includes the latest high-performance systems as well as older models still in use.

    You can avoid unwanted system failures during the summer with a preseason checkup from our team. We’re qualified to diagnose all kinds of issues, and we can spot growing problems that need immediate attention. Keeping your unit in great condition is a messy chore that we’re happy to handle for you.

    Maintenance tasks we’ll complete include:
      • Checking the refrigerant level
      • Cleaning the coil and drain
      • Inspecting components for wear
      • Replacing the filter

    Reliable, Friendly AC Maintenance and More!

    AC Tune-up in MarionWe recommend an AC tune-up twice a year. It’s important to prep the air conditioning system before turning it on the first time and again before winter sets in. Leaving summer debris in place and the unit unchecked can cause a host of problems when the cold weather arrives. We can make sure everything is in good working order.

    Don’t worry if spring gets away from you and you realize your equipment hasn’t been checked. You can always call us for assistance with your air conditioner. We’re here to help you keep your indoor environment cool and comfortable. Call Morris Heating & Cooling today to schedule an AC maintenance appointment for your home in Marion.

    How often should an AC system be serviced?

    In Marion, NC, it’s generally recommended to have your AC system serviced at least once a year. Ideally, scheduling an annual maintenance service before the start of the cooling season is beneficial. This service typically includes a thorough inspection of the system, cleaning of components, checking refrigerant levels, assessing the overall performance, and making any necessary adjustments or minor repairs. Regular maintenance helps ensure that your AC system operates efficiently, reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns, extends the lifespan of the unit, and maintains optimal indoor comfort throughout the warmer months. If your AC system is older or prone to issues, more frequent servicing, such as every six months, might be advisable to ensure its proper functioning.

    Not looking for AC maintenance? We also offer heat pump service, AC repair and AC installation as well as furnace maintenance!