How To Reset Air Conditioning Unit

June 12, 2021
Resetting AC in Marion, NC

An air conditioner helps to keep the indoor air cool and comfortable during hot weather. Unfortunately, air conditioners tend to break down, especially when the outside air is at its hottest. The good news is that you can reset it on your own. Here are five steps to reset your air conditioner.

1. Turn Off the Air Conditioning Unit

Ensure the AC and the thermostat are both turned off. Shutting down the AC is a crucial safety precaution you should always follow. Failure to turn off the AC unit could lead to an electrical shock or a similar problem.

2. Locate the Circuit Breaker Box

You can find the circuit breaker mostly in basements, crawl spaces, closets or on the side of your home. As soon as you locate it, turn off the switch that runs to the air conditioner.

3. Wait It Out

Wait for approximately 60 seconds once you flip the switch that runs to the AC unit. You should also inform the people at home that you are resetting the breakers before turning off the power. Once the 60 seconds are up, flip the switch back on.

4. Switch the Unit Back on

Once you have waited and flipped the switch, wait for another minute to allow the unit to reset on its own. Head over to the thermostat, and turn the air conditioner back on again.

5. Confirm It Is Working

Once you have adjusted the thermostat, you may want to ensure the problem is fixed. Set the thermostat to the appropriate temperature, and wait for a short while. If you notice cool air getting in from the vents, that should be sufficient confirmation that the air conditioner is functioning normally. If there is not air or if the AC fails to run, that should be a sign that your AC has malfunctioned and requires repair.

Alternatively, some air conditioning units come with a reset button. If your system has the reset button, then resetting the AC should be a breeze. Head over to your outdoor system, locate the button, and then use it appropriately.

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