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“Morris Heating & Cooling went above and beyond fixing my home unit as well as my rental. They bring a wealth of knowledge and were able to tell me in great detail what my problem was and the science as to why my unit was not working properly.”

– Thomas Young

“A couple of years ago we took on the adventure of building a new custom home that we had hoped would be more energy efficient. The design, materials and contractors used on the home construction were thoroughly researched. Energy efficiency was the key factor when choosing all of our appliances. This included the HVAC unit as well. Choosing the correct system for our home made all of the difference in obtaining low energy bills.

Last August our electric bill was $62.00. Yes, only $62.00 for a 3,000 square foot home during the hottest time of the year. The largest electric bill, during winter, was only $125.00.

This home was built with retirement in mind and with the fact that energy costs are skyrocketing. Affording this home in the long run was very important to us.

Morris Heating & Cooling helped us reach that goal. When it was time for installation of the unit product pricing had increased. However, Morris Heating & Cooling did not charge us any more for the new/better unit that was listed in the original estimate. They were true to their word.

The installers were prompt, professional, clean and kind.

The zoned system designed for our home, while advanced and smart, is easy to use and actually communicates with us. This has saved us on maintenance and service calls.

If we ever plan on building a new home in the future we will definitely plan on calling Morris Heating & Cooling for our HVAC needs.”

– Julie and John Temple

“Morris Heating & Cooling provides exceptional service. From availability to timeliness to the finished product. You can count on them to get the job done. I have referred them to other clients in my real estate profession and used them for my personal business. Never been disappointed!”

– Allison, Silver & Edge Real Estate Group

“I just got back after being gone for four days. I left the thermostat in the house at 77. As soon as I got back I went in the house and turned it down to 73, then went back outside to move some stuff out of my truck. I kid you not… I went back in the house after about 25 min. and the house was chilly. I checked the thermostat and it showed 73 degrees. I kicked it back up to 74 where I find it comfy enough. I am SO impressed with this new unit. You tell ANY of your potential customers to call me for a reference. I’m only too happy to do that.”

– David

“We have used Morris Heating & Cooling for all our heating and air conditioning needs for many years with both our personal residence and our rentals. We have always found William Morris and his team to provide excellent pricing and service. We have also recommended Morris Heating & Cooling to many of our clients over the years. They too have indicated a great deal of satisfaction with his pricing and personal service. Congratulations to Morris Heating & Cooling for your growth and being one of the best small businesses in WNC.”

– Mike & Kathy Rabb, Realty Group (Marion, NC)

“Morris Heating & Cooling was the company my builder used when we built our house, and I had a good experience with them. When it came time for us to add a unit for the basement, it was natural for us to call Morris. They were reasonably priced, did what they promised, and did it on time. You can’t ask for more.”

– David S. Flom

“They were very professional. They made every effort to see that our needs were met.”

– Sandy

“Morris folks were wonderful to work with. They honored their time commitments, had excellent follow through when scheduling the work, and appear to have done a fantastic job with the installation.”

– Jim