Reliable Emergency Services in Marion

    Emergency Service in Marion, NCMorris Heating & Cooling has two decades of experience offering quality heating and cooling solutions, including emergency service in Marion, NC, and the surrounding areas. We have been voted the Best Heating and Cooling Company three times in a row. Our crew is insured and skilled enough to handle a wide range of tasks effectively in the shortest time possible. You can depend on our staff for 24/7 emergency service when your system breaks down in McDowell County.

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    • Highly skilled technicians
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    • Customer satisfaction guarantee
    • Free estimates and fair pricing

    24/7 Emergency Service in Marion

    You may wake up one morning to find that your air conditioner or heater is not working. The unit may run for a short while before it shuts off for hours on end. Such issues are a sign that your equipment may need an emergency service in Marion.
    24/7 Emergency Service in Marion
    There are several reasons why the system may fail to start. It could be that the condensate line is clogged. To avoid water damage, modern AC equipment will shut down when there is a blockage to the condensate line.

    Another possible reason your air conditioner is not cooling is the refrigerant is low. The refrigerant absorbs heat through the condenser coil to regulate temperatures in the interior. When the fluid is running low, it has a lower capacity to absorb heat. Additionally, leaks around the tubes could release toxic chemicals into your home.

    Sometimes the issue may be the settings on your thermostat are too low or high. So be sure to check your heater or air conditioner is working and in a location away from exposure to heat. Watch out for unusual sounds such as rattling and banging. There may be loose components that could damage your system and cause fire hazards.

    Reasons to call us for emergency service:
    • Insufficient cooling/heating
    • Unusual sounds from the system
    • Lukewarm air coming through the vents
    • Reduction in airflow
    • Unpleasant odors

    Trustworthy 24/7 Emergency Service Marion

    For 20 years, Morris Heating & Cooling‘s mission has been to provide dependable emergency services in Marion. Our business is built on the pillars of quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service for all tasks we handle.

    We have a team of experienced and highly trained technicians. We are a Rheem Pro Dealer and a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, and we can service a wide range of models and brands. Our service is transparent, affordable, and of first-class quality.

    At Morris Heating & Cooling, we offer reliable 24/7 emergency service in Marion, and customer satisfaction is our priority. You can schedule an appointment today to take advantage of our free estimates and fast response! If you are in of heat pump service, the experts at Morris Heating & Cooling can help with your heat pump repair.