The Major Differences Between Heat Pumps and Furnaces

January 13, 2022
Heat Pump vs Furnace in Marion, NC

In Marion, winters are very cold, partly cloudy, and wet, and summers are muggy and warm. With temperatures set to plummet soon, now is the perfect time to prepare for the cold winter months. Installing the ideal heating system will keep you and your loved ones warm and safe this winter.

Furnace and Heat Pump Overview

Heat pumps use electricity to distribute heat from one area to another. On the other hand, furnaces generate and distribute heat by burning propane, natural gas, or oil. Electric furnaces distribute heat from the electric coils. The good thing with heat pumps is that they can still be used to maintain optimal temperatures in your home during the hot summer months.

Furnace and Heat Pump Costs

The cost of installing a heat pump or a furnace varies due to the location and heating needs. For instance, a heat pump might be cheaper if your home does not have natural gas access. However, a natural gas furnace is more affordable if you access natural gas. Overall, heat pumps are usually cheaper than furnaces.

Furnace and Heat Pump Maintenance

Even though both heating types require routine maintenance, furnaces require less care and maintenance than heat pumps. On average, a well-maintained furnace will last longer than a heat pump.

Heat Pump and Furnace Performance

The performance difference between a furnace and a heat pump depends on the climate and your heating needs. Furnaces generate and distribute heat whereas heat pumps only distribute heat from one area to another. Therefore, heat pumps might not be effective in cold climates.

Furnace vs. Heat Pump Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are more energy efficient than furnaces because they require less energy to heat or cool your home. However, heat pumps might require more energy to heat your home during the cold winter months. Thus, a furnace is more energy efficient in cold climates.

Contact Professional Heating and Air Conditioning Technicians

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