Summer Cooling Myths To Avoid

August 3, 2021
Summer Cooling Myths in Marion, NC

When people have limited budgets and initial misconceptions about indoor cooling, they’re more likely to waste their money on ineffective methods of cooling their houses. On hot summer days, there’s nothing worse than coming home to a property that’s been baking in the sun. Here are some common myths to avoid falling for when it comes to cooling down your residence.

Ceiling Fans Alone Do the Trick

Upon purchasing a ceiling fan, many people find that they were expecting more than the fan is able to offer. Unlike an AC unit, a ceiling fan can’t considerably cool down the actual temperature of the air. Rather, it can only provide people directly beneath it with a cooling effect. While a ceiling fan certainly isn’t useless, it shouldn’t be relied on to substantially cool your entire home.

The House Will Cool Down Faster if You Turn the Thermostat Way Down

Though there are certain air conditioners out there that allow you to control fan speed in relation to your thermostat’s settings, the tough truth is that your unit can only work so hard. If your house isn’t being cooled down as quickly as you’d like, it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with the AC unit. Installing a more powerful system may be necessary if your current one just isn’t cutting it.

Electricity All Costs the Same, So It Doesn’t Matter When You Use It

Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Electricity providers have to buy more electricity during the later hours of the day when people have come home from work. This means that if possible, it’s probably a good idea to crank your air conditioning during the day and ease off a little bit in the evening.

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