Should I Buy a Used Furnace to Save Some Money?

March 17, 2022
Used Furnace in Marion, NC

Replacing your old furnace can be a difficult process. You might have considered cutting costs by buying a pre-owned system. While this may seem like an option that saves you thousands, it’s a bargain that comes with several hazards. Here’s why you’re better off buying a new furnace.

Expensive Additional Costs

Furnaces usually have a lifespan of between 15 and 25 years. As they age, the internal parts and functions slowly wear down. Older furnaces need more maintenance and repairs than new systems. A preowned furnace may already need to have certain components replaced. These systems are also at a higher risk of corrosion and rust.

Investing in a new furnace system gives you the benefit of a warranty. You never know when a sudden emergency will affect your HVAC unit. It’s better to be prepared than to risk the essential heating in your home. You’ll spend a lot more money trying to maintain a pre-owned furnace than you will if you install a new model.

Potential Safety Hazards

Reputable HVAC contractors often won’t install a pre-owned furnace due to the potential safety risks. A used furnace that hasn’t been properly maintained can be a fire hazard. You’re also more likely to deal with gas leaks that can put your family in danger. The heat exchanger, which is essential in keeping dangerous combustion gases contained, is more likely to break in an older system.

Don’t risk the safety of your family or home. Invest in a new furnace system that will keep your home safely heated for years to come.

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