Most Common Problem With a Furnace

October 18, 2023
Furnaces in Marion, NC

Don’t ever ignore issues with your furnace. Instead, always do your best to stay on top of your heater’s maintenance requirements. By doing so, you’re much less likely to encounter the three most common problems that people have with furnaces.

Unchanged Filter

The most common issue that people have with their furnaces is a dirty filter. Filters in heating systems accumulate dust and dirt. Over time, if left uncleaned or unchanged, these filters clog. When this happens, it reduces airflow and the furnace must work harder than it usually does to effectively heat the house. The longer the filter stays unchanged, the more wear and tear the system endures as it works in overtime mode. This ultimately results in worn-out parts and costly repairs.

Thermostat Issue

If the thermostat fails, the furnace won’t know what temperature to keep the house at, and it may not come on at all. There are three primary reasons a thermostat will quit working and they all come with simple fixes. First, a dead battery will require replacing the battery. Second, a faulty wire will require a fix from a qualified technician. Last, a calibration issue will require a calibration performed by a tech. Thermostat issues are extremely important to fix because they can result in larger problems, such as the next one on this list if left unfixed.

Short Cycling

Overheating or a faulty thermostat are common causes of short cycling, in which the furnace repeatedly goes on and off. This puts unnecessary stress on the heater, leading to higher energy bills. A dirty filter can also cause overheating and short cycling, which reiterates the importance of changing it on a regular basis.

Fixing these typical furnace problems as soon as possible with preventative maintenance and expert repairs will help keep your heating system running smoothly and reliably all winter. No furnace problem is too small or big for our team at Morris Heating & Cooling in Marion. We also offer AC repair and maintenance, indoor air quality services, and mini-split installation. Contact Morris Heating & Cooling now to make sure your furnace is ready to keep you warm and cozy this winter.