Is Your Space Heater Safe?

October 19, 2021
Space Heater Safety in Marion, NC

During National Fire Prevention Week, our company wants to make sure that the community of Marion, NC, is well educated about space heater safety. Consider some of the following safety tips to ensure that your home is as safe as possible for the whole year.

Tips for Buying a New Space Heater

If you are interested in purchasing a space heater for supplemental heat, it is vital to know the facts. Please read carefully about how much area in your home it will heat and the safety features that it has built-in. For example, some popular fire prevention features included with some space heaters are that they won’t burn children and pets that touch them. Also, you can get space heaters that shut off automatically if they are tipped over or get too hot.

Inspecting an Older Space Heater

If you have an older space heater, check out the whole unit and the attached cord before using it. Once you determine that it is safe, only use it by plugging it directly into the wall. Extension cords are not a safe solution to a space heater with a short cord.

Safe Placement of a Space Heater

To safely place a space heater in your home as supplemental heat, it is vital to ensure there aren’t any flammable items within three feet of the heater. Using the space heater on a flat part of the floor that isn’t on a rug is also suggested. Also, place a space heater out of the way of people who come and go and kids or pets. Finally, please don’t place your space heater in an area that has water in it. These areas include kitchens and bathrooms.

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