Is It Safe for Me to Replace My AC Capacitor?

August 11, 2022
AC Capacitor in Marion, NC

AC capacitors are one of the most frequently replaced parts in AC units. These components directly contribute to the system’s ability to efficiently cool your home. When you notice your unit randomly shutting down or only producing warm air, it’s time to call in a professional technician for a replacement.

Your AC Unit’s Capacitor

An AC capacitor is a small, tube-like component that acts like a short-term battery. Some AC units have two capacitors while others have a single dual capacitor. AC units need a lot of electricity to start the cooling cycle. Many residential homes can’t deliver that amount of energy.

An AC capacitor delivers a safe jolt of electricity to get the process started. Systems with two capacitors have one that delivers the initial energy and another that provides a steady stream of power as the AC runs. A dual capacitor can help your AC both when it kicks on and throughout the cooling process.

AC capacitors are high-voltage components that should only be handled by a professional. Capacitors act like batteries but are wired directly into your air conditioner. Handling them could cause serious harm even if your unit is turned off. Trust a trained technician to replace your capacitor and protect your AC unit. They can even switch out your old capacitors and install a better dual capacitor. Bring all your air conditioning questions and concerns to experienced and certified HVAC professionals.

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