How Long Do Control Boards on Furnaces Last?

December 21, 2022
Furnace Disassembled for Repair in Marion, NC

A residential furnace can be a pretty complex system. Inside modern furnaces, you’ll find control boards that are responsible for turning on and off various components to make them work properly. Just like any other internal part, control boards do go bad and will need to be replaced by a professional.

Expected Lifespan

The average furnace circuit board, also referred to as its “motherboard,” will last anywhere between 10 and 15 years. Depending on the specific type of furnace that you have, this means that your control board could last the expected lifespan of your entire system.

What Causes Failure?

While the expected lifespan given by manufacturers of furnace circuit boards can give you a good estimate of time, the specific factors of your unique furnace will play a large role in determining the actual lifespan of your circuit board.

If you continuously run your system on a clogged filter and it’s constantly covered in dust and other debris, you can expect your circuit board to fail much sooner.

What Causes Failure?

Power surges without any surge protector can fry your circuit board. If you have any chemicals around your furnace, they can contaminate the circuit board and lead to premature failure. Additionally, excess moisture and condensation around your furnace, like if it’s in the basement, can cause it to wear prematurely and fail.

Contact a Professional for Replacement

If you’ve noticed that there is physical damage to your furnace control board or your furnace is having issues working properly, it’s necessary to contact a professional to examine the control board more closely. A licensed professional will have the right equipment to test your circuit board to determine whether it’s failed and understand how to remove it and replace it. You should never attempt to replace the control board on your own as it could lead to more electrical damage to the internal components of your furnace if not done correctly.

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