Do You Save Money When You Close the Upstairs Air Vents?

May 16, 2022
Closing Air Vents in Marion, NC

It seems reasonable to close the upstairs air vents in summer; after all, the upstairs doesn’t get much use, and you want the AC to only cool where it’s necessary. But this does more harm than good, as we’ll show below.

Don’t Close Vents to a Single-Speed AC

It’s true that some ACs are variable-speed and come with zoning controls that allow you to disperse less air to unoccupied rooms. However, a single-speed air conditioner is meant to cool a precise square footage of living space, and if you reduce that square footage by closing vents, it won’t cool as consistently. You’ll get warm spots even downstairs, and you may not ever achieve the temperature you desire there.

The reason is simple. Though you’ve closed the supply vents, you can’t do anything about the return vents, which continue to suck air into the air handler. This can include the warm air upstairs but also take out the cool air downstairs. As a result, your AC will cool your downstairs area at the same time as the cold air escapes, negating its own progress. An AC that runs forever like this will break down and possibly need replacing in the near future.

Don’t Put Such Wear on the System

Many residents of Marion, NC turn to Morris Heating & Cooling to have their ACs replaced, and we often find that their systems broke down because of neglect and bad habits like closing vents. Besides sucking cool air from your downstairs, having closed vents upstairs will only build up pressure in the ducts. Consequently, the air is forced out through holes and cracks, and it also stresses the motor, which is expensive to replace.

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