AC Tune-Up Solutions

    Air Conditioning Maintenance - Morris Heating & Cooling Asheville NCWhen you need an AC tune-up or maintenance service in Asheville, NC, you can always consider Morris Heating & Cooling. We have more than 20 years of experience providing cooling services to people in Buncombe County.

    Our company has won the Best HVAC for McDowell award in 2008, 2014, and 2018. We also won the Tom Johnson Entrepreneurship Award six years in a row. Our technicians always deliver quality results on all maintenance jobs. We are a locally owned company, and you can rest easy knowing that our workers will carry the right tools to work on your AC unit.

    We are able to offer:

    For an AC tune-up, Call Morris Heating & Cooling

    • Affordable prices
    • Qualified technicians
    • Fast service
    • Free estimates

    Top-Notch Asheville AC Maintenance

    One of the main services that Morris Heating & Cooling offers is AC maintenance in Asheville. It is important to maintain your AC unit on a regular basis. By doing this, you can ensure optimal performance throughout the summer months. Part of our maintenance services revolves around cleaning the unit. Our technicians will clean out the drainage pipes, wash the outside unit, and much more. We can also clean or replace your AC filters. We recommend that you maintain your unit before the hot temperatures arrive in your area.

    Our technicians will:

    Morris Heating and Cooling AC Maintenance in Asheville NC

    • Clean the unit’s fan
    • Wash the vents
    • Clean the coils
    • Pressure wash the unit

    Reliable Cooling Technicians

    You may notice the need for a tune-up if your AC doesn’t cool your house as it once did. This can be due to several factors, such as a clogged drainage pipe or a worn-out fan. A tune-up can help to maximize your air conditioner and save you money on your monthly electric bill. Our technicians will assess the situation and recommend what needs to get done.

    An AC tune-up is part of our maintenance program, so you can expect the same steps. A technician will check for the levels of air coolant in the AC. He or she will also check the blower and coils. If the coils look rusted, the technician may clean the coil system to optimize the cold air. Our team can also fix or replace any electrical parts that are broken, such as a faulty thermostat. Contact Morris Heating & Cooling today for all your AC maintenance and AC tune-up needs in Asheville. Our friendly staff will be glad to address any questions or concerns you may have about AC maintenance, installation, and repair in the Asheville area. We also offer heating maintenance services!