Why is Phenomenal Aire Important to Indoor Air Quality?

January 10, 2021

Phenomenal Aire is an air purification system that dramatically improves the air quality inside your home. It’s an advanced technology that addresses several ways your home’s indoor air quality is much worse than outdoor air.

What Is Phenomenal Aire?

Phenomenal Aire is a device that an HVAC technician installs in your home’s ducts. IT creates an electrical field called a plasma field. When air passes through this, ions scrub it clean. It’s a safe device that doesn’t produce any harmful byproducts, such as ozone.

Phenomenal Aire is easy to install and affordable. Since it doesn’t have any moving parts, the only maintenance it requires is to be cleaned once in a while. It’s put in an out-of-the-way place, so it’s not noticeable.

Respiratory Health

The Phenomenal Aire system improves your respiratory health in several ways. It kills airborne viruses and bacteria. It breaks down volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which negatively impact your health. It also kills mold and fungus.

Morris Heating & Cooling of Marion, NC, installs Phenomenal Aire. We offer multiple ways of improving your home’s indoor air quality.

Seasonal Allergies

People who suffer from seasonal allergies will greatly benefit from having Phenomenal Aire installed in their homes. It eliminates pollen and other allergy triggers. You’ll be better able to manage your symptoms such as irritated eyes, dry throat, runny nose and headaches.

Pet Allergies

People who have pet allergies won’t have to give up having a furry friend in their home if they have Phenomenal Aire installed in their home. The device is a powerful indoor air quality solution that eliminates pet hair and dander.

Wildfire Smoke

People in California, Oregon and Washington have to increasingly deal with wildfire smoke in their homes. Phenomenal Aire traps smoke and eliminates its odor.

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