Why is my Thermostat in Recovery Mode?

April 16, 2020

If you notice your thermostat is in recovery mode, there’s usually no reason to worry. This is a fairly common setting on programmable thermostats. Learning what it means will help you operate your HVAC system as efficiently as possible.

What Is Recovery Mode?

Recovery mode is a setting on programmable thermostats that indicates the thermostat is in the process of adjusting the temperature of your home. It usually happens when your thermostat has been off or in an energy-efficient mode for a while. A few hours before your system is scheduled to achieve a new temperature, the thermostat will start running recovery mode to gradually raise or lower your temperature without using excess energy.

Reasons Your Thermostat May Go to Recovery Mode

If your thermostat is going into recovery mode when you did not set the temperature to change in an hour or two, something may be wrong. In some cases, recovery mode happens because your thermostat has changed its settings. This can be an electrical glitch, user error or a problem with the thermostat itself. Recovery mode may also happen if your HVAC system has unexpectedly quit working and your thermostat is struggling to get your home back to the right temperature.

How to Fix a Thermostat in Recovery Mode

Most fixes for recovery mode can be found in your thermostat’s settings. If you do not like recovery mode, you can usually disable it altogether. You can also delay when recovery mode runs by just setting the temperature change back a few hours. In cases where you are still getting recovery mode unexpectedly, turn to Morris Heating & Cooling in Marion. We’ll have one of our technicians check it out. We can help you program your thermostat or identify any potential problems.

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