How To Light a Pilot Light on a Furnace

February 13, 2020

Having a furnace that’s operational is vital during cold weather, so it’s a serious matter when the pilot light goes out. Lighting your furnace’s pilot light can be both quick and easy. We’re going to outline three very simple steps to help you get the pilot light lit in no time.

1. Your Furnace’s Instruction Panel Is Your Friend

Somewhere on the outside of your furnace will be a panel of instructions. Look for this and go over it carefully once you’ve found it. This instruction panel will have very specific, detailed information for your furnace’s brand and model. These instructions can be helpful when trying to light your furnace’s pilot light.

2. Turn the Pilot Light Off

Next, just turn the pilot light to the “off” position. The pilot dial or button should be toward the bottom of your furnace. After turning it to the off position, wait five minutes so that any gas in the area can dissipate. This is an important safety precaution because you don’t want to start a fire accidentally.

3. Light Your Pilot Light

After you have waited for an appropriate interval, you can now turn the pilot button or dial from the “off” position to the “pilot” position. After the dial is set to the pilot position, locate the “reset” button on your furnace. Press that down and hold it there while you’re lighting the pilot light. Keep holding it for a few seconds to ensure that the flame catches. For the actual lighting process, you’ll do best if you use a long lighter or match. After the pilot light is lit, you can release the reset button. That’s it. You’re done!

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