Affordable AC InstallationHere at Morris Heating & Cooling, we provide full AC replacement in Morganton, NC. You can rely on our team to help you choose an air conditioner and to install it once you finalize the purchase. Not having a working air conditioner can result in less comfortable living conditions, and an upgrade is beneficial when an AC system is showing its age. We’ll help you determine if now is a good time to seek a replacement.

    Efficient AC Replacement in Morganton

    Replacing your existing air conditioner with a new one offers many advantages. The primary benefit of making this move is that newer units come with higher efficiency ratings. You’ll be more comfortable and save on energy costs. If your AC system is more than 10 years old, repairs are likely necessary on a regular basis. AC replacement services mitigate this problem and should improve your indoor air quality.

    There are many warning signs that an air conditioner needs replacing.
    • Poor airflow
    • Strange sounds
    • Frequent repairs
    • High energy bills
    • Bad smells

    If any of these issues are present in your AC unit, consider replacing it with a new one. When a member of our professional team performs replacement AC services, the exact installation process depends on the unit that you purchase.

    Many systems come with a compressor and air handler, which we install inside the home. Compressor installation occurs outside the home and is usually far away from any windows.

    Before installing a new unit, disconnecting the old unit is the main priority. Our AC company will disconnect any equipment that relates to the old unit as well. During this process, replacement services are sometimes applied to the ductwork to ensure the new unit runs well. The air duct should be airtight, which prevents any air from escaping. New AC units come with refrigerant, which cools the air before it’s sent throughout your home.

    Your AC System Provider

    At Morris Heating & Cooling, we provide Morganton residents with quick and effective AC replacement services. These services apply to all types of AC units, including ductless mini-split and central air conditioners. When you schedule a replacement for your existing air conditioner, we’ll arrive at a time that’s convenient for you. We’ve built a strong reputation for delivering stellar service at all times.

    Once our team removes an old AC system, installation of the new one occurs immediately.

    AC Installation

    This process involves adding a new air filter and programming your thermostat. Our main goal is to ensure your satisfaction, which is why our motto is “We Give Peace of Mind.”

    To lower energy costs and improve comfort in your Morganton home, call Morris Heating & Cooling to schedule our AC replacement services!

    Not in need of a new AC system? We can also help with heating replacement, as well as AC repair and maintenance services.