3 Surprising Benefits of Great Indoor Air Quality at Home

May 22, 2019

What you breathe can affect your overall health. If you’re like many folks, you probably spend a large amount of time indoors. That means you could be breathing stale, tainted air. It’s possible to eliminate contaminants and allergens from your ventilation system by installing products designed to improve your home’s air quality. Do you know about these three benefits of good air quality?

1. Easier Breathing

Humid air and long bouts of rain keep many of us hiding in our Marion, NC, homes. Without the proper filtration system in place, the air can be heavy with dust and dirt. These substances can cause the lungs to work overtime and your breathing to become labored. Family members with allergies or lung issues are further compromised by polluted air. Having clean, balanced air to breathe supports better health.

2. Improved Sleep

You continue to breathe as you sleep. If the air is filled with nasty substances that make breathing difficult, your quality of sleep can suffer. When you experience continual bouts of poor sleep, your quality of life can deteriorate. In addition, other health issues can be aggravated and even intensify because of dirty air. For instance, research suggests respiratory irritability can compound sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea.

3. Decreased Odors

Odors can get trapped in your ventilation system. Pets, food, and even perfumes and scented products can send odors into the air with no place to go. Opening a window can help, but you could be letting in other pollutants. Imagine the effect bad smells have on your mood and overall enjoyment of life. Constantly trying to escape musty odors in your house can make life miserable. Installing an air quality device that breaks down odors can make breathing a pleasure again.

Assessing the air quality in your home requires the expertise of a professional. You can rely on the skills of the technicians at Morris-Herron Heating & Cooling. In addition to working with heating and AC units, we can help you decide on the right air quality products for your home’s ventilation and duct system.