3 Simple Ways to Check Your Home for Air Leaks

July 17, 2019

When a home is airtight, homeowners benefit from comfort, energy efficiency, and affordable heating and cooling bills. Unfortunately, many homes develop air leaks over time due to factors like age, wear and tear, and improper maintenance or installation. Luckily, an air leak can be fixed by the right team, like our HVAC experts at Morris Heating & Cooling of Marion, NC.

So, how do you find air leaks in your home?

1. Use an Air Leak Detector

The most surefire way to detect leaks is with a device called an air leak detector or thermal detector. This specialized, handheld device will alert you to even the subtlest and smallest of leaks. The detector picks up on minute thermal changes and ultrasonic frequencies too subtle for a human ear to detect. Plus, they’re widely available at most hardware stores.

2. Use a Lit Candle

If you’d rather not invest in an air leak detector, you can detect medium-sized leaks with something as simple as a lit candle. Before you get started, be sure to turn off your furnace and ceiling fans so you don’t get any false positives. Next, simply light the candle and carefully pass it close to areas prone to air leaks, such as the seams of external doors and windows. If the flame flickers or blows out, you’ve found a leak!

3. Use Your Hand

Last but not least, you can pick up on large leaks using just your bare hand. Place your hand near the seams of doors, windows, outlets, and air vents. If you feel a breeze or notice a huge change in temperature, there may be a leak in that spot.

Reliable Heating and Cooling Experts

Find any air leaks around your house? Don’t panic, Morris Heating & Cooling is here to help. We’ve been Marion’s leading HVAC company for over 20 years. Our skilled technicians offer top-rated installation, maintenance, and repairs for your home’s heating and cooling systems. Give us a call today to schedule your next service appointment!